Sofa spud

with over 15 years of musical experience, Sofa Spud has been crafting a blend of genres. From Rock to lo-fi, to hip-hop & country. In August 2023 Sofa Spud released "CLOUCH!" Under his own publishing "Sofa Spud Productions"

Inspired by nature and family life, Sofa Spud collaborates with a diverse music collective led by recurring and lead member Caleb Tanenbaum. Beyond the melodies, he forges genuine connections with fans, fostering a sense of community.

After starting the online series "Ok, Ill bite. Elaborate" Sofa Spud gathered in a large following on both Tik Tok (58k+) and Instagram (11k+). Allowing him to foster a growing and active online community, that revs up excitement for upcoming projects. 

Anticipation builds as Sofa Spud enters the final stages of recording two new tracks, accompanied by a live performance video. In the studio, fragrant incense sets the stage, Nature sets the scene, and thought sets process. 

From your speakers to the stage, Sofa Spud invites you on a vulnerable, harmonious journey of music, nature, and conversations.